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Wedding Websites!Wedding Websites...have your own tailored website celebrating your special day!Wedding Websites!

Simplicity Sites makes getting a website simple.

The fact is every business needs a website just like they need a business card or phone listing, it’s just the way things work these days.  People want instant information on products and services available 24 hours a day via a few mouse clicks and keyboard taps.

The other fact is many businesses have no idea where to start.  There are loads of companies, providing tons of web design and hosting services at prices ranging from free to a million dollars.  Add to that it’s a pretty technical business and lots of us don’t even know what half of it means…. html, widgets, flash, css, seo, cms… what the?!

In the end lots of businesses just think it’s all too hard.

That's why we keep it simple!


With tailored designs from just AU$395, including hosting and domain registration, we are simply a great choice for web design.
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We use simple language.
We do all we can to keep things affordable for our customers
We do a quick job
We work with you to make sure you get good value.
We keep our designs simple and looking great.
We do our best to make your site easy to find using google and yahoo searches.
We give friendly, straightforward service.
We never get you to pay for design features you don’t need.

We always keep it simple.,